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Victims blast Spgfld-Cape Girardeau diocese

Victims blast Spgfld-Cape Girardeau diocese

Seven accused clerics missing from its list, group says

SNAP begs those who “saw, suspected or suffered abuse” to speak up

It specifically urges victims, witnesses & whistleblowers to call MO AG

Abuse victims blast southern IL bishop

Abuse victims blast southern IL bishop

He should add 9 clerics to his “accused” list, group says

One worked in Carbondale & the Vatican press office in 1990s

SNAP: “Victims, witnesses & witnesses should call attorney general

Among them, an accused CA priest who also worked in Carbondale

SNAP and ECA Call for Reform as Bishops Gather Outside Chicago

As Americans bishops gather in Illinois, survivors demand Pope remove two US Cardinals from prominent roles in papal summit

Findings in explosive Illinois AG report “disqualifies” Chicago Cardinal Cupich from major appointment

Cardinal DiNardo of Texas also “unfit to lead” US delegation in Rome, survivors say

Summit will have “no credibility” if led by prelates who cover-up child sex crimes

Francis must include global survivor groups in summit

SNAP President Calls for the Resignation of Former Sioux City Bishop, Daniel DiNardo, as Head of US Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Cardinal has been accused of covering up clergy sexual abuse in Sioux City and Houston

Victims want both dioceses to release the names of known abusers

Church officials should also reach out to every parish where each accused worked

Survivors’ group urges Catholics in the pews to speak out against those who hide predators

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