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MO- Files released on two predators

Each abused in CA but spent time in MO

The clerics worked in Springfield-Cape diocese

And so did Missouri’s most notorious pedophile priest

Victims blast Spgfld Catholic officials for “continued secrecy

SNAP to bishop: “Reach out to others who may be in pain right now

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OH - Victims prod Catholic officials in sex case

SNAP: “Disclose accused teacher’s name”

She allegedly sent inappropriate photos to student 

Group wants Catholic school & church officials to “reach out” 

“It’s especially hard for boys who are sexually exploited by females,” SNAP says

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PA - Philly archbishop seeks national post

Clergy sex abuse victims urge him to withdraw

They want him instead to focus on protecting local kids

Group also urges Chaput to “stop importing predators

They are still being housed at a church facility in Downingtown

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HI - Four more boys accuse farmer of abuse

Predator adopted and fostered boys in CA and HI

Five of his "sons" now say that he molested them

Victims beg social services, public for help and information

Group runs ad begging “If you saw, suspected or suffered abuse, speak up”

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MN - Proven predator priest get extra pay & no supervision

After being deemed guilty at trial, he remains a priest today

On top of regular retirement pay, he gets a monthly “bonus

Another predator is accused of molesting more than 80 kids

He abused a Twin Cities boy but St. Paul church officials stay silent

In 2005, local Catholic officials quietly settled the case but told no one

SNAP: “How many other child molesting clerics are still being hidden now?”

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MN - Victims to hold vigil outside church

They praise a woman and a man who helped police

And they honor “Twin Cities victims who have spoken up

“Not just kids, but vulnerable adults are victims too,” SNAP says

Group also blasts Archbishop for his lawyer’s recent “mean” comments

Church attorney impugned the motives of former top aide to Nienstedt

SNAP: “Church should be encouraging – not discouraging – disclosures

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MN - Victims want answers from Duluth bishop

He's accused of mishandling abuse in St. Paul

And he's hid local abuse report for over a year, SNAP says

Group calls for prosecutors to investigate clergy sex cover ups

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MN - Victims release undisclosed letter from church official

Archdiocese delayed 9 months before answering abuse complaint

And the letter “outs” another local predator priest for the first time

Even now, church officials keep identity of child molesting cleric hidden

“Those responsible should be harshly and publicly punished,” SNAP says

Group also wants archbishop to “come clean” about all child molesting clerics

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IL- Victims blast suburban officials

They’re paying a suspended predator priest

Cleric faces at least three child sex allegations

Yet he’s on payroll of Burbank police department

SNAP: “The real culprit is Cardinal’s continuing secrecy

In wake of Vatican action, Chicago church officials must act, group says

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NY- Victims blast Dolan’s secrecy

He hides child sex allegations for months

Three child molesting clerics worked at one parish

Group to Cardinal: “Go to parish, seek out victims”

SNAP doubts Dolan’s claim that deacon was ousted months ago

It also challenges him to say when he first learned of abuse from cops

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NV - Pastor goes on trial soon

He’s accused of sexually abusing kids

And he headed two Las Vegas churches

Minister belonged to controversial denomination

Several of its clergy & staff are alleged child molesters

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MO - Victims to hold vigil outside archbishop’s deposition today

Victims to hold vigil outside archbishop’s deposition today

Carlson faces rare questioning this morning in child sex case

He’s accused of evidence tampering with Fr. Jiang’s $20,000 check

SNAP urges him to hold public meeting about “troubling situation

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PA - Victims “out” two abusive Catholic priests

Both worked in Pittsburgh & abused elsewhere

Settlements have been paid out in both cases

One is the third predator at one McKeesport school

SNAP blasts Catholic officials for “on-going secrecy

It urges bishop to post all predator priests on his website

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AR - SNAP Urges Little Rock Bishop Taylor to Protect Children and Heal Victims

Victims to leaflet mass-goers

They list seven accused Ark. predators

Most have attracted little public attention

Several molested elsewhere but spent time here

Last year, one led a retreat, another was honored

Group urges bishop to post all child molesting clerics on websites

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AR - Molester Pleads Guilty, Bishop Asked to Do More in Little Rock

For immediate release: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Victims write parents & judge about teachers

Both will be in court in Little Rock next week

One of them pled guilty to molesting a student

Another didn’t report the crimes as required by law

Group wants families & school officials to help prosecutors 

And it tells Little Rock’s bishop “Do aggressive outreach now”

Parents should “ask their kids if they saw or suspected wrongdoing,” victims say

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