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OR--Victims want accused predator suspended

Victims want accused predator suspended

Almost 3 weeks ago, he was sued for abuse

Alleged crimes took place for over a decade

But church is apparently keeping priest on the job

Two other child molesting clerics worked at same parish

SNAP: “He’s crossed the river & now deals with alcoholics

Group urges Catholic officials to “reach out to other victims


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will

--disclose that a recently-sued alleged predator priest remains on the job,

--prod Catholic officials to suspend him and “seek out other victims, witnesses and whistleblowers,” and

--beg anyone who may have “seen, suspected or suffered his crimes” to “protect kids by calling police.”

WA--Victims want probe of archdiocese

Victims want probe of archdiocese

SNAP: “Law enforcement must act

Group wants abuse documents disclosed

And they release part of a predator priest’s record

“Archbishop should also expand perp list,” victims say

A church agency counselor abused 2 weeks ago, they note



Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will

--disclose 15 pages of church records about one of Seattle’s most notorious predator priests, and 

PA--Victims blast Altoona Catholic officials

Victims blast Altoona Catholic officials

Bishop should fire a nun and his abuse advisors

Grand jury showed “victims advocate” is a sham

SNAP: “Saying ‘sorry’ is wrong without clear changes

Group wants outreach about “sadistic yet ignored teacher

And victims say Bartchak’s letter on Sunday was “pure public relations



Holding signs and childhood photos, clergy sex abuse survivors and their supporters will demand that Altoona’s Catholic bishop

--fire a nun and his abuse panel,

--work with the Attorney General to pick replacements, and

--disclose more about a high school librarian who is named in last week’s grand jury report – but has been ignored by news media even though he downloaded “hundreds of pages of violent child rape stories and chats” and was on the job for eight years.

IL--Victims to leaflet at prominent church

Victims to leaflet at prominent church
It’s letting accused child molester preach
SNAP: “You’re intimidating abused children
Group wants pastor disinvited from upcoming event
He’s been in leadership posts with national Baptist organization
“Kids suffer when clerics back other accused clerics,” victims say



After a church service, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will pass out leaflets to congregants urging church officials to

--disinvite an accused, arrested predatory pastor who is set to speak later in the week, and

--apologize for their “callousness and hurtful behavior” for inviting him in the first place.

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