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MO--Victims hit with “unprecedented” court order

Victims hit with “unprecedented” court order

Group resists complying, citing members’ privacy and safety fears

SNAP faces potential "contempt of court” for protecting victims

In unique case, a twice-accused priest alleges 6 person “conspiracy

But support group says “We just can’t disclose crime victims’ names

SNAP: “To do so so would violate victims', witnesses' and others' privacy rights”


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will disclose that

--a St. Louis judge has ordered SNAP to turn over abuse victims’ names to a twice-accused predator priest,

--never in its nearly 30 year history has the group been hit with such “a broad and troubling court ruling,”

--it has already turned over “hundreds of pages” of emails (with many names redacted), but

--it fears if it does not comply it will soon be found “in contempt” and sanctioned by the judge for not disclosing information containing victims’ names    

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IL--Victims push for stronger child sex abuse laws

Victims push for stronger child sex abuse laws

They predict: “Hastert will try to get out early

Group says “Give us more time to expose predators

It backs both new federal plan and state reform too

SNAP also honors one of Hastert’s victims who spoke up in court


Carrying signs and childhood photos, in the wake of Dennis Hastert’s imprisonment, abuse victims march through downtown Chicago and hold a news conference.

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