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Victims to Dolan: "Stop attacking victims!"

  • Victims to Dolan: “Stop attacking victims
  • Cardinal lashes out at teenager on his blog
  • And he calls prominent self help group “liars
  • Offensive comments have “chilling effect,” SNAP says
  • Organization wants an apology & removal from website
  • Group also wants Dolan to denounce “hardball legal tactics


Victim pushes bishops to act

  • Victim pushes bishops to act
  • Her perpetrator was just arrested in India
  • Prelate “fakes cooperation” with cops, she maintains
  • "He did nothing to help catch or warn about predator," she says
  • SNAP: "She's a rarity: a young college student who's speaking out"
  • Group releases petitions signed by Catholics backing fugitive priest

Bishops reportedly approved new “hardball” strategy v. SNAP

  • Bishops reportedly approved new “hardball” strategy v. SNAP
  • Group tells top church officials: “Go after predators, not victims
  • It begs Catholics and citizens for help in fighting “unprecedented attacks
  • And it urges St. Louis archbishop to “come clean” about who’s behind the moves

Victims blast Catholic hierarchy

  • Victims blast Catholic hierarchy
  • Church tries to get self-help group’s records
  • Bishops reportedly approved new “hardball” strategy
  • SNAP: “Dolan should denounce & stop this chilling move
  • Victims tell top Catholic officials: “Go after predators, not us
  • Group begs parishioners & public for help in “unprecedented attack
  • Head of Dolan’s old diocese wants a 19 year old rape victim’s private e-mails
  • Another, facing criminal charges himself, is part of the “intimidation,” SNAP says

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