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Seven new accused clerics in St. Louis are "outed"

Seven accused clerics who spent time in St. Louis area are "outed"

Their ties to MO were previously unknown

Last week, they were exposed in big California abuse report

SNAP also writes to all Missouri prosecutors seeking their help

AG Hawley claims he cannot subpoena records without one of them

Jeff City bishop challenged on abuse

Jeff City bishop challenged on abuse

SNAP "outs" a priest who worked in Columbia

Few knew of his time in mid-Missouri until last week

Victims question prelate's 'troubling' remarks on seminarians

Group also want church to post accused priests' names on line

Catholic officials should do "more aggressive outreach," SNAP says

Victim want them to"beg witnesses & whistle blowers" to call AG Hawley

Victims to leaflet church-goers in New Orleans

Victims to leaflet church-goers - Monday @ 12:30 pm (after 12:05 pm Mass)  

Victims to leaflet church-goers

They prod Catholics & Archbishop on abuse

SNAP wants to know whereabouts of accused priests

Group says list of alleged predators is "long overdue" & "inadequate"


Handing out fliers to parishioners as they leave the church, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will announce they are:

--writing to all 5 Louisiana Bishops asking for the "immediate release" of the names and whereabouts of all Church employees proven, admitted or credibly accused of child sexual abuse,

--prodding those Bishops to be "very inclusive" with the lists, and

--urging lay Catholics to donate elsewhere until Church officials do better at protecting children.

Abuse victims beg LA Attorney General Landry to initiate statewide investigation

Abuse victims beg LA Attorney General Landry to initiate statewide investigation

They want professionally staffed hotline for victims to report sexual abuse

They also urge local police & prosecutors to "be more aggressive"

 “Law enforcement must do more,” group says, “if children are to be better protected”


Holding signs at a sidewalk news conference clergy sex abuse victims will, in the wake of a scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report about Catholic clergy sex crimes and cover ups:

--beg Louisiana's attorney general to probe clergy sex crimes & cover ups,  

--urge him to join a dozen other states and launch a statewide grand jury-style investigation,

--prod local prosecutors across the state to take similar steps, and

--ask all law enforcement personnel in the state to use their resources to ask, beg, and encourage victims, witnesses and whistle blowers to report known or suspected crimes and cover ups to secular authorities.

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