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KS man appeals to Vatican

KS man appeals to Vatican

Priest allegedly exploited his wife

Support group wants KS archbishop to act

SNAP: “Families should be warned about cleric”

He worked at several Topeka churches & has been on leave for 17 years


Holding signs and passing out leaflets, clergy abuse victims and a man whose marriage was wrecked by a former Topeka priest will disclose that

--the priest is accused of sexually exploiting an adult parishioner,

--this sexual exploitation ended an 11 year marriage, and

--predator priest now works with vulnerable adults at Catholic Charities.   

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NE--Convicted ex-head of K.C. MO diocese now works in NE

Victims want decision reversed

They’re worried about controversial MO prelate

Convicted ex-head of KC diocese now works in NE

“He shouldn’t be in ministry of any kind,” group says

SNAP: “Lincoln bishop should meet with his flock about this”


Holding signs at a sidewalk news conference, leaders of a victims’ group and concerned Lincoln citizens will hand deliver a letter to Lincoln's Catholic bishop and
publicly urge him to:

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MI--SNAP: “Is he letting other accused abusers work in parishes?”

Victims seek help from prelates

“Each MI bishop should do outreach,” SNAP says
Their colleague is accused of abusing seminarians
Group also wants Kalamazoo bishop to hold meeting
SNAP: “Is he letting other accused abusers work in parishes?”
“He should explain his decision & answer questions,” they say
And group wants Battle Creek priest disciplined “for deception”


Holding signs at a sidewalk news conference, abuse victims and concerned Catholics will hand-deliver a letter and publicly urge Michigan bishops to seek out anyone who may have been hurt by a now-disgraced Twin Cities Archbishop. In addition to endangering children by covering up sex crimes, the archbishop allegedly made “unwanted sexual advances” toward at least six seminarians when he led a Detroit school for prospective priests.

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FL--Catholic officials punish whistleblowers

Victims blast Palm Beach bishop

Catholic officials punish whistleblowers

And they wanted to help a predator flee

Support group wants law enforcement to investigate

SNAP: “Those who conceal abuse should also face charges


Holding signs and childhood photos at a news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will blast Palm Beach’s Catholic bishop for retaliating against a whistleblower priest who called law enforcement when a colleague admitted child sex crimes and a nun who helped the whistleblower. The victims will also urge the bishop to

--hold an open public meeting to answer questions about the troubling allegations that his diocese tried to help a predator flee,

--explain whether he or his colleagues have done this with other child molesting clerics, and

--post all predator priests' names in parish bulletins and on church websites, and

--include their photos, work histories and whereabouts.


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