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TX--Group wants Methodist officials to “do outreach”

Victims prod church to “take action

Youth minister was arrested last week

He’s accused of molesting three children

SNAP: “Parents, ask your kids if they were hurt

Group wants Methodist officials to “do outreach


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will

--blast local church officials for their public comments in a pending child sex abuse case,

--urge them to “do aggressive outreach” seeking other “victims, witnesses and whistleblowers,”

--beg parents in the congregation to “ask their kids if they were hurt,” and

--prod anyone who may have “seen, suspected or suffered” crimes by the minister – or cover ups by his colleagues or supervisors – to “protect kids by calling law enforcement immediately.”

KY--Victims to protest at huge Protestant conference

For immediate release: Wednesday, April 6, 2016

For more information: David Clohessy (314) 566-9790 cell,, Pam Palmer (240) 994-1278 cell,

Abuse victims to protest outside big church conference

They want preacher accused of concealing crimes “disinvited

But event organizers are ignoring their request sent last week

Group says preacher’s role “will deter others from reporting abuse

SNAP: “And it rubs salt into wounds of those who were hurt on his watch

A support group for clergy sex abuse victims will protest outside a religious conference in Louisville later this month that is expected to draw more than 8,000 church-goers and staff.

GA--“Damning church document” surfaces

“Damning church document” surfaces  

It’s about Georgia’s most notorious predator priest

In 1980s, he admitted his crimes to 4 church officials

“He could have been stopped long ago,” group charges

SNAP: Memo shows Boston-style cover ups happened here

Victims also release list of 6 “largely unknown” Atlanta pedophiles

“Virtually none of them have attracted local attention,” group says


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will disclose a “damning” never-before-seen internal church memo showing that four top Georgia Catholic officials heard the state’s most notorious predator priest admit abusing kids decades ago, but they told no one and kept him on the job for years, allowing him to assault more children, and

They will also disclose a list of six predator priests who worked or spent time in Atlanta, been but have gotten little - if any - public attention in Georgia.

And they will also prod Catholic officials to post on church websites, “for the safety of kids,” the names, photos and whereabouts of child molesting clerics, like roughly 30 US bishops have done.

VA--Victims group discloses a "disturbing letter"

Victims' group discloses a “disturbing letter”

It shows church kept abuse report hidden

Support group blasts Mennonite officials for “secrecy”

SNAP: “Suspected crimes must be reported to police”


Holding signs and photos, abuse victims and their supporters will

--disclose a letter showing that church officials hid suspected crimes for a year and a half,

--give a copy of the letter to police, and

--urge anyone who sees, suspects or suffers abusive crimes to tell secular officials, not church officials.


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