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CA--New child sex abuse suit filed vs. school

New Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against School

Predatory Principal Pled Guilty & Was Just Sentenced

But Judge Wouldn’t Let Mom Read Statement in Court

Victim and Parent Will Speak Publicly for First Time

What:  At a press conference, the parent of a child who is a sexual abuse victim of Robert Adams, former principal and owner of Creative Frontiers elementary school in Citrus Heights, California will

--announce that her daughter is filing a new civil abuse and cover up lawsuit against school officials,

--voice her displeasure over the plea agreement the Sacramento County District Attorney made weeks ago with the admitted predatory teacher who assaulted her daughter, and

-- read a statement that she was not allowed to read by the judge in court at the sentencing.

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NY--Victims blast bishop on abuse

Victims blast bishop on abuse

A twice-accused predator is still in a parish

Cleric faces two unusual pending child sex lawsuits

They seek names of all pedophiles in Long Island diocese

Group says top Catholic official “is putting kids at risk”

SNAP: “Murphy is also breaking US church abuse policy”

Victims also want names of predators posted on websites



Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will

--insist that Long Island’s Catholic bishop suspend a twice-accused predator priest who faces two pending civil child sex abuse lawsuits and

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AZ--Three Arizona predator priests ‘outed’ elsewhere

Victims want action on abuse

Three Arizona predator priests ‘outed’ elsewhere

All of them worked/lived in the Tucson Catholic diocese

But allegations against them have attracted little/no attention here

Group prods Catholic staff to “reach out to others still trapped in pain ”


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will

--disclose names and key information about three predator priests who worked in the Tucson Diocese, abused kids and were “outed” elsewhere but have gotten little – or no - attention in the local media,

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IL--Victims want better child abuse laws

Victims want better child abuse laws

In wake of Hastert, they say: “Give us more time

Group backs new federal plan & seeks state reform too

SNAP cites case of accused Chicago youth activist & priest

He admits repeatedly abusing a boy & can’t work in LA archdiocese

But a year ago, Cupich let him work in Chicago but then reversed himself

Now, priest still lives here while his victim waits for months for church decision


Holding signs and childhood photos, in the wake of Dennis Hastert’s sentencing, abuse victims will

--announce their support for a new federal proposal to reform the statute of limitations,

--urge Illinois lawmakers to also relax the state’s “predator-friendly” abuse laws, and

--discuss an admitted offender in Chicago who is still a Catholic priest while his victim waits, for over a year, on a decision by Chicago’s top Catholic official

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