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MO--Wrongful death lawsuit vs. archdiocese settles; SNAP news conf. 11:15 a.m.

Wrongful death suit vs. archdiocese settles

Parents of young man who died by suicide to speak for 1st time

His death led to first “assisted suicide” trial in MO in 100 years

Abusive cleric was convicted of molesting another boy & did jail time

Now defrocked, he lives in St. Charles Co. and is reportedly married


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, parents of a young St. Louis man who died by suicide will speak for the first time about 

--his tragic death and 

TX--Victims oppose archbishop’s pending promotion

Victims to leaflet outside Catholic church

The pastor was accused of molesting a boy

And they oppose archbishop’s pending promotion

Soon, it’s likely he will become head of all US prelates

But group says DiNardo should “withdraw from the race & stay home

SNAP: “For kids’ safety & victims’ healing, he should work on prevention here


Handing out fliers to church-goers as they leave mass, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will urge Houston’s top Catholic official to

--end his campaign to become head of all US bishops next week, and

--post names, photos & records of ALL predator priests (not just the ones who are sued), and

-- do the same with religious order clerics, so that kids can be protected and victims can heal.

They will also urge

--parishioners to be careful around their pastor who was accused of molesting a boy and

--anyone who has seen, suspected or suffered crimes or cover ups by Houston clerics to “come forward, protect kids, expose secrets, deter wrongdoing and start healing” by calling independent sources of help (therapists, police prosecutors, support groups), NOT church officials.

CO--Victims blast archbishop & leaflet downtown church today

Victims blast past Denver archbishop

Church officials keep quiet about cult-like group here

Its founder abused kids in Peru & others allegedly did so too

SNAP members will hand out leaflets to Cathedral mass-goers

Several members with the controversial group are now in Sheridan

And the widely-criticized organization has run a local retreat center

Advocates ask Catholic staffers to “disclose predators & warn flock


WHAT: Handing leaflets to parishioners as they arrive for mass, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will urge Colorado’s top Catholic officials to:

–– “come clean” about their support for a controversial, ultra-conservative Catholic cult-like group whose founder is a confirmed child molester (and seven other officials are accused of wrongdoing),

CA-–Sex offender returned to ministry by Antiochian Orthodox Church

Bishop pleaded guilty to groping a woman in a Michigan casino in 2004

Cleric spent time in jail and was on the sex offender registry

Retired after his conviction, the head of the Antiochians recently appointed him to lead the Diocese of Los Angeles

A victims’ group condemns this action, calling it “unbelievable, dangerous and callous”



Holding signs and childhood photos, sex abuse victims and their supporters will hold a press conference outside the cathedral of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the West to:

-- publicize the recent appointment of Bishop Demetri Matta Khoury to assist Metropolitan Joseph G. Al-Zehlaoui in the administration of the diocese,

-- provide information about Khoury’s 2003 arrest, and subsequent 2004 conviction and sentence, and

-- blast the Church for making such a misguided decision and placing women and girls at risk.

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