In June 2014, women survivors of sexual abuse participated in the first TakingBackOurselves Weekend of Recovery. It fulfilled a long-held dream for the MaleSurvivor organization and its Weekend of Recovery Team ( that women survivors of sexual abuse and violence could create a community of healing and advocacy that is unprecedented in any venue in the country.

These women left their isolation behind and created real safety.  They made real connections with one another and with eight extremely seasoned facilitators, two of whom were men.  They were able to tell their stories and be believed.  They experimented with being vulnerable, and made room for possibility and curiosity. They explored their creativity with incredible art and movement.  Together they created community, hope, joy—and more life. 

And, they have continued to keep their connections with one another, and to the power they touched within themselves. TakingBackOurselves 2015 is returning to Hope Springs April 24-26.

They are nearly full.  Spaces are limited, but scholarships are still available.

For more information visit their website: