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SNAP is on the move!

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Daily blog

Week 4, Day 4:
In Miami we met with survivors and supporters. Our media event was well covered, revealing new lawsuits and the failure of the archdiocese to do outreach even after repeated pleas from SNAP. The survivors recognize the need to meet with others on a regular basis and are making palns to start a support group in the area.

Arrived in Austin and was able to hold a support group meeting with the help of Barbara Boehland who drove from San Antonio to help the group get started.

Week 4, Day 3:
We held a media event in Charlotte urging the bishop to do outreach in a case where a young boy was abused by two priests while a third man watched. A lawsuit was filed months ago and they still have not taken action.

In Miami we got together with survivors from the area and worked on ways to do outreach in their community. We also did a press event announcing that two new lawsuits were filed today about abuse that took place at Boystown. The boys were already vulnerable and the priest under the guise of helping them abused them and made them his "sex slaves"

Week 3, Day 5:
In Seattle, with the help of survivors and supporters, we held a media event outside of O'Dea high school where a predator who had allegations of sexual abuse in Chicago, had been quietly moved a few years ago. We also ask the diocese to do outreach in several more cases. The Seattle group is slowly growing with new survivors coming forward and working to build a strong group.

SNAP also visited Yakima where we met new survivors, supporters and family members. We also did a media event asking the diocese to identify predators and do outreach.

Home for the weekend!

Week 3, Day 1:
We started the week attending a potluck/support group meeting for parents, spouses and family members on Sunday afternoon. The group works to provide a safe place for family members to discuss how to provide support to survivors and to offer help and support to each other. They are working on ways to reach out to others and offer comfort to families.

On Monday we held a media event in San Diego at Point Loma Nazarene University urging church officials to do outreach after one of their ministry students, who was a convicted child molester, was allowed to participate in a summer internship program where he lived with a family where he molested their young children. The predator is in jail but the church has not done any outreach to others who may have been hurt.

Week 2, Day 3:
SNAP has learned that a predator priest has applied for a pardon from both the president and the governor of California. SNAP called on the hierarchy to do everything in its power to keep this dangerous molester behind bars so kids will be safe. The courage of the survivors never ceases to amaze us.
As always SNAP members opened their homes to us, fed us and drove us around their beautiful city.

Week 2, Day 2:
The LA support group is one of the biggest and oldest in SNAP. A large group gathered last night and shared their successes and their fears. They renewed their committment to attending meetings because of the strength they gain from each other and their desire to protect others.
We called upon Cardinal Mahony to stop the secrecy and house all predators in a secure, independently run housing facility. We also named the five most dangerous predators in LA.
We had survivors and supporters with us as we talked with media.

Week 2, Day 1:
SNAP is on the move, this week in California. We are in the LA area today and will hold a support group meeting and a media event.

Week 1, Day 4:
We held a media event in front of the Buffalo diocese asking the bishop to reveal the truth about two credibly accused Buffalo priests. We encouraged anyone who had been hurt or who had seen or suspected abuse to come forward.
Week one was a huge success! SNAP members have been so kind and generous. This trip would not be possible without their help. People have housed us, fed us, driven us and stood with us, they have helped us reach out to other survivors, expose predators and protect kids.
We have been with old friends and made new friends. Thank you!

Week 1, Day 3:
We held a press event in Burlington calling on the bishop to release the names of predators and to house those that have been credibly accused in a secure, independently run housing facility.
Then on to Buffalo, we held a great support group meeting and made plans to meet on a more regular basis and find ways to reach out to other survivors. The group was a little camera shy so no picture.

Week 1, Day 2:
Spent the morning in New York educating groups about the Child Protection Bill in Albany. We explained to them how survivors of sexual abuse need more time to come forward and how the civil window will allow "older" survivors to identify their predators. This not only helps survivors seek justice it protects children by alerting parents to the predators living in their communities.
On to Burlington, Vermont where I met with kind and generous supporters and survivors.

Week 1, Day 1:
Thanks to the SNAP New York Group the trip is off to an amamzing start. They picked me up at the airport, held a powerfull support group meeting, showed me their beautiful city and took me out to dinner. The generosity of SNAP members is so inspiring. they are always willing to help each other, welcome strangers and work to protect the innocent.

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests