Legionaries of Christ hit by new scandal as priest fathers two

By Philip Pullella, Reuters, October 7, 2017

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Legionaries of Christ, a Catholic religious order which fell into disgrace after the discovery that its founder was a sexual abuser with a secret family, has been hit by fresh scandal with revelations that the head of its Rome seminary fathered two children.

The order said in a statement late on Friday that Father Oscar Turrion would leave the priesthood. It also released a letter by Turrion in which he asks “forgiveness for the scandal ... forgiveness for my bad example and the negative witness I have given”.

The Legionaries is a conservative order of Roman Catholic priests. Turrion was rector of the Pontifical International College Maria Mater Ecclesiae, a seminary for men in the order studying for the priesthood in pontifical universities in Rome.

The Legionaries said  . . . 

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  • John Nesbella
    commented 2017-10-09 13:27:37 -0500
    Turrion asks for “forgiveness for the scandal … forgiveness for my bad example and the negative witness I have given”.
    How about he ask for forgiveness from the woman and children that he hurt?
    These guys always want forgiveness for breaking their vows or hurting the image of the church but they never admit that they have hurt real people-the survivors and that is the real sin. They don’t care about the real people-the flesh and blood women and children they have harmed-all they seem to care about is the image of the institution. People were created for the church not the church for people.
  • John Nesbella
    commented 2017-10-09 12:16:25 -0500
    “Turrion said he had “lost his grounding” and fell in love with a woman…”
    Gasp-the horror, the scandal-of falling in love with a……..woman!
    This priest would have been on the fast track and still highly favored if he had just stuck to sex with other men or catholic children.

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