Leaflets from SNAP

1) We Believe in Forgiveness and Redemption

News Report:
Group Warns Church of Priest's Release

2) Make Our Parishes Safe!

3) Catholics Deserve Honesty

4) The Safety of Kids is in Your Bishop's Hands!

5) Help Reach Out to Other Victims of Priest

6) Come Forward and Get Help

7) Abused by Clergy? There is Help

8) Honesty Protects the Vulnerable . . .

9) Support and Help for You

10) Dear St. Peter's Parishioners

11) Thank You Call to Action

12) Appeal to Parishioners of St. Charles Parish, Staten Island, NY

13) Do You Know a Child Who Has Been Abused?

14) Abusive Priest Worked at this Parish

15) Leaflet Regarding Portland, OR Bankruptcy

16) Ohio Survivors Lobby Catholics to Support Pro-victim Legislation

17) Leaflet for Los Angeles Catholic Volunteers

18) Leaflet for Denver Catholics

19) SNAP warns San Bernadino, CA community about released priest

20) SNAP warns parishioners about Belleville, IL priest

21) Archbishop Flynn Silent About Accusations

22) Leaflet for Los Angeles Parish

23) Leaflet for Minnesota Episcopal abuser

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