The Catholic Church in Mexico did not bring to justice pedophile priests, and this is their justification

By: Sergio Rincon, Univision Noticias, July 8, 2017

Mexican authorities investigate Cardinal Norberto Rivera for not denouncing acts of pederasty. The spokesman of the Mexican Archdiocese argued that before 2014 the law did not force them to denounce these facts, added that the Pope had finally punished the priests.

The central prosecutor says that Rivera, the highest ranking official of the institution in Mexico, knew that there were abusive priests but did not report violations to minors before Mexican authorities, so none of these religious were ever prosecuted and to date it is unknown how many Are and continue to be free. His only action before these sexual crimes was to initiate an internal judgment whose sentence and punishment gave the Pope of turn.

Hugo Valdemar, a spokesman for the Mexican Archdiocese, justified the actions of the Church. In an interview with Univision Noticias said that the institution did not make the criminal accusations because the law did not oblige it, added that those responsible had already been punished by the Pope with the expulsion of the position. 

Without determining dates or places, Valdemar detailed that at least five priests were expelled from the Church for pederastia. Univision News questioned the Catholic official about the fate of these people, and he detailed: "They return to live their life as any civilian citizen and the Church has no power or interference to order certain things (surrender to the authorities or leave the country) ".

The spokesman said that the Church did not break the law by not denouncing the priests, because before 2014 Mexican laws did not force the institution to report these crimes.

"In 2014 there was a reform to the law that indicates that any person or institution that knows of a crime of these (pederastia) has the obligation to report them before the civil authority. Prior to that year there was no such mandate ... when the Cardinal spoke of cases of internally sanctioned priests, they were mostly before 2014. There have been one or two subsequent cases that have been given before the law, "he said. Valdemar.

A "sin" called pederasty

Athié told Univision News that the Catholic Church has always hidden these cases, first of all deterring victims from denouncing and changing priests to other parishes.

Even money from alms is used to compensate those affected so that the facts are not public," said the ex-priest who left office after learning of cases of pederasty in Mexico.

If the case advances, "Athié said," a "disciplinary process" of the canonical type begins (penance that is solved with prayers) because for the Catholic Church pederastia is considered a sin.

"If the case was serious, the priests are sent to a care center without a civil or criminal trial," Athié explained. It also begins a trial that reaches Rome, whose ruling is given by the pope on duty.

Valdemar confirmed that this is the procedure that is usually followed although denied that there are rehabilitation centers for pederastic cures. He also denied that the Church gave money to the victims, but offered them "psychologically and spiritually if they wish."

Regarding pederasty, Valdemar said: "It is a crime both civilly and ecclesiastically. A priest who commits such a crime is very serious because of all the trust placed in them. The worst is the damage to the victims, which is irreparable. "

(TRANSLATED from Spanish)

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  • John Nesbella
    commented 2017-07-10 07:26:50 -0500
    Nothing to see here-the ‘church’ will take care of it as they always have.

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