Greeley authorities and advocates discuss Colorado’s statute of limitations on rape

Tommy Simmons, Greeley Tribune, April 1, 2017

Even though the 19-year-old Greeley woman did everything she could to report the rape correctly, two men police believe sexually assaulted her will never be convicted of that crime under Colorado's current laws.

Hours after the men left her in a dark alleyway in the 1500 block of 8th Avenue in the early morning hours of July 31, 1984, she was speaking with a Greeley police detective. Not long after that, she underwent a medical exam, and a nurse collected the DNA evidence. In the days that followed, she walked police through the alleys and side streets, where the two men had threatened to kill her if she didn't submit to them.

She shared details with the detectives many victims say are agonizing and humiliating.

But the investigation stalled.

For over three decades, not much else happened. She had no idea who the men were who raped her that night, and, it seemed . . . 

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