Familial Abuse

Families and Abuse

Families of Survivors have also suffered from the abuse of their loved one.  If you are a family member and need to talk or correspond with someone who has been where you are, the people listed below are waiting to hear from you.

Spouses of Victims

Contact:  Judy Lorenz   

Phone:  (301-262-6517)

E-mail: jlorenz@verizon.net

Language: English


Parents of Victims                                                                  


Contact:  Minerva Guerrero

Phone:  (562-217-5131)

Languages:  English & Spanish

Contact:  Mary Ellen Kruger

Phone:  (314-962-0964)

E-mail:  mek1234567@gmail.com

Language:  English

Contact:  John & Lynn Pilmaier

Phone: (262-781-5361)

E-mail:  lynpilmaier@yahoo.com

Languages: English

Contact:  Sherida Ruiz

Phone:  (714-956-1786)

E-mail:  sherida@roadrunner.com

Languages: English


Contact:  Melanie Sakoda

Email:   melanie@pokrov.org

Phone:  925-708-6175


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