Esther Miller

Esther-Miller.jpgEsther grew up as a cradle Catholic but now practices Judaism. Esther has earned several degrees, lived aboard and has two adult children ages 30 & 28. She currently resides in sunny California with her husband and is still “trying to figure out her journey.”

Esther joined SNAP in 2001 after attending self-support group meetings in the Southern California region. She was silent for 27 years about the crime perpetrated on her “mind, body but not my soul.” She has been active speaking out to the media – speaking on behalf of those that still haven’t found their voice. She has been involved in speaker’s series at colleges & universities lecturing about the crime of Clergy Sexual Abuse and the process of “grooming.”

“Success & being well is my revenge on the Catholic Church and the monster perp named Michael Stephen Nocita. I am stronger now after a 5 year legal battle not because of the settlement money but because of the process to find my voice and tell MY truth. After all, that’s all I have is MY truth.”


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