SNAP Australia Chapter contacts

SNAP Australia Chapter contacts

(We are making contacts and starting to establish chapters. We hope to have chapters in all the major population centers in each state. If you are a survivor or supporter and would like to establish a chapter in your area, please contact one of the persons listed below. )

SNAP Australia contact telephone #:  +61  [0]4 2253 8440 


SNAP Australia Website:


New South Wales, Sydney Area Chapter contacts,

       Nicky Davis,

Click here to listen to Nicky Davis’ story recorded in the Chicago StoryCorps booth August 1, 2014

Victoria, Melbourne Area Chapter contacts,
       Nicky Davis,  

SNAP USA Contacts:
Barbara Dorris, SNAP Outreach Director, (+1 314-503-0003 )
Steven Spaner, SNAP Australia Coordinator, (+1 636-433-2511 )


New South Wales; Sydney Area Chapter Meetings:

Day and Time: Usually Third Sunday of the month, 3:00 - 4:00 PM.

Place: Contact Nicky Davis or Mark Fabbro or SNAP USA



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