Alternative Report To the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child Regarding the Periodic Reports of the Holy See Due on 1 September 2017

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  • Dennis Ramsey
    commented 2017-09-06 23:19:21 -0500
    John, so true. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. It is easier for them to cover it up today because everyone believes it has been taken care of. Read about the USCCB meeting in Indianapolis where they prayed for the victims from the past, what about the VICTIMS OF TODAY. The public was not allowed into the cathedral for the mass so no one could spoil their show, which they were live streaming. They are protected by the First Amendment in the United States and unless you can prove criminal actions, no civil law forces them to follow their published rules on child protection. The Decree on Child Protection is used as a cover by church officials to protect them, not the victims. Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, formerly of Duluth Minnesota, and Chancellor Father Steve Angi of Cincinnati have never reported the actions of Father Jeff Bacon to the public or the truth of why he was removed from his position in November 2015. Father Bacon was reported to the Archdiocese for serious violations concerning a minor on July 31, 2014 and further reports of violations to the Decree on Child Protection were reported in letters and in meetings with auxiliary Bishop Joseph Binzer. Bishop Binzer was removed from the case in January 2015 after Father Bacon admitted in a meeting of violating a letter instructing him to cease communication with this minor. Father Bacon was left in his position and continued to contact the children of the family. Information concerning the actions of Father Bacon were revealed to Father Earl Fernandez in the fall of 2015. Father Bacon was sent out of state for “Treatment”, removing him from the area while a criminal investigation was being conducted. In February 2016 it was announced that Father Fernandez was being removed as the Dean of the Seminary and moving to the Vatican Embassy, at the request of Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the residing Vatican Ambassador. Archbishop Vigano was implicated in a 2016 criminal report of destroying evidence and shutting down investigations of priest sexual abuse in Minnesota. Nothing has changed, you can figure the rest of the story. The victims and their families continue to suffer and the hierarchy of the church continue to live their luxurious lifestyles on the backs of the parishioners. The secret files must be opened and people must stop funding this organization.
  • John Nesbella
    commented 2017-09-06 14:01:32 -0500
    I really hope that this report gets out into the media. Many Catholics want to believe that the sexual abuse of children by priests and the coverups by the bishops and Vatican are THINGS OF THE PAST and that the Church has mended it ways. They really WANT to believe this and tell everyone to forget about and that it is time to MOVE-ON. I hear priests and bishops spout this propaganda often. BUT, this report clearly shows that nothing has changed. The church will continue its lame efforts in hopes that all the survivors will eventually die and this will all blow over. We must redouble our efforts to make sure that people know that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

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